Our Approach

The digital age is bringing changes to the workplace, at a rate faster than at any time before and is disrupting the very foundations of how business is conducted. Our long history of working with collaborative platforms and creating applications designed to bring teams together has prepared us to assist you, our customer with the necessary insight and tools to develop a strategy and operational model that takes full advantage of the benefits of Social Business.

Work with us to turn ideas into innovation, bring project teams together, turn corporate communications into a conversation, find answers to questions faster, be more transparent with customers and empower employees to participate in your organisations future.

We believe the following model illustrates the core components of an enterprise social network and exposing the relationship between the components is way to achieve success in building a social business. Social Business epitomises collaboration across the enterprise and for us this means integrating existing business processes to conversations. Within these conversations exist powerful insights into how and what gets done.

Enterprise social networks collect information which is then turned into knowledge, which is then shared universally, unlike email.

socbiz definition