Are you feeding the Innovation beast?

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A good friend of mine Danny Davis – The Innovation Coach has a great saying. “Every organisation, every individual needs to develop the skills and the capacity for innovation. They need to engage in their future and be active players in their own destiny. They need to have less fear for the future and contribute more in the present”.

So the question we need to ask is – “How are we going to facilitate this”? What thought process and technology platform is an enabler for exposing us to a culture of innovation?

For me this means we need to find a way where we can broaden our field of input. For example if we had an Innovation department and it had 5 people in it we could certainly generate a good number of ideas that might be worth exploring. The knowledge of these 5 people would also be good and with solid breadth across our business and the industry, but would it have excellent knowledge and a breadth of reach wide enough for us to trust it completely? I think we’d all agree the answer is, probably not!

Innovation happens when we are exposed to situations for which there is no current answer or solution. Meaning that anybody can innovate, provided they are given an opportunity to advertise their innovative ideas. In an organisation of 1000 people why isn’t it possible to  state that the Innovation Dept is those 1000 people, rather than constraining it to 5 people?

Social Business provides a new way to do work and a technology platform to help organisations become agents of innovation. Social business advocates Engagement, Transparency, Openness, Sharing, Empowerment, Conversation and Collaboration. All of these are ingredients that feed innovation.

A quote from Jon Bidwell, Chief Innovation Officer at Chubb & Son, Inc “Knowledge and information are the raw materials of innovation and competitive advantage in the global economy. Chris Morace (author of Transform) makes a strategic case for social business then combines it with the experiences of real companies that have used social to unlock the value of their knowledge and turn it into innovative products and services.

A social business framework provides an encouraging and stimulating environment where any employee (and potentially any customer or partner), from anywhere can participate in conversation and ideation at all levels within an organisation.

Take a look at this case study if you’re still not convinced:

CEMEX Builds a Customized Social Platform

Engage your workforce at a minimum, include your customers if you can and expand the possibilities for innovative thought via a social business framework that connects people to places and content, whilst remaining contextually relevant to the process of business improvement.

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