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Within a computing context there have been many platforms since the early nineties that have contributed to the notion of supporting the definition of collaboration, but until the advent of social business software they were quite rigid and exclusive rather than inclusive. Lotus Notes, well known as a collaborative environment was particularly good at exclusivity, with a security and access model that was largely administered by IT. This meant rules and time were the price to be paid to provide access to those who wanted access after the initial design was developed and implemented. Collaboration works best when an inclusive model is implemented, after all the desired result is outcomes based on cooperation and participation by all members of the community.

Collaboration is also the lifeblood of an organisation. Teamwork, based on collaborative input is where the majority of operational decisions come from. Social Business software provides an excellent vehicle to sustain cross department, division and dispursed geographic location collaboration.

Organisations like IBM have completely revolutionised their approach to business by incorporating social business at all levels. In an organisation of some 300,000 employees a highly competent platform that would allow and foster collaboration across the globe is the driving force behind IBM’s current goto market success.

Collaboration is sometimes a hard thing to sell so here at SocialEffect we have come up with a new way to help sell your social business project. We’ve used animated cartoons as a way to instruct, create awareness and make social business fun as well as good for business.

If you’re having trouble getting the right level of participation into your social business platform, talk to us.

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