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A community can drive change and seriously affect your bottom line, in a very positive way. Corporations large and small are recognizing that there is a better and more cost-effective way to manage service delivery, product development, internal processes (to name a few), through the use of social business methods and tools. A significant component of social business is the concept of a community. Historically and importantly the meaning of community stems from small regional, cultural and ethnic groups, brought together by geographic remoteness. Today’s meaning is not that different, although its application is now global. A community can be formed, comprising members from all reaches of the globe, brought together by a common thread and using the communications capabilities of the 21st century.

Communities bond and take ownership and as such continually bring about change. Some examples of this are:

Coupons, ideation, polls and customer support all supported in one community? Yep, Dell masterfully captures the holy grail of revenue and cost reduction objectives in a community of 610,000-plus people

Says Jason Duty, leader of Dell’s Social Outreach Services,:

Social media needs to be embedded throughout the entire product launch process. We’re using social media as the key component. That part was a turning point for Dell. As a result, we’re seeing a rise in customers coming to us through Facebook.”

Why it’s important: Leveraging communities to launch a new product or update an existing one is smart. Especially if the community participated in creating it. Picture offering coupons to community members in order to accelerate purchases, followed by a survey to determine reaction to the product, then finally using the community to support it. Dell does that and more. (excerpt from article by By Mark Fidelman (@markfidelman), cmswire)).

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