Enterprise Social Networking for SME’s

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Enterprise social networking is not just relevant or affordable to the big organisations of the world. Many medium and small size corporations have signed on and are gaining substantial benefit.

Once an organisation grows to over twenty employees and twenty customers, current methods of communication start to break down. Simple emails no longer have the ability to keep all email recipients abreast of issues contained within them. Why? Because email is an ideal tool for person to person communication, where the thread of the conversation can live on and go back and forth between the two parties. Let’s now add in a third person and a fourth person. Very quickly we learn that they don’t have the benefit of the prior conversation. In addition we have up to four conversations bouncing around the organisation with the very strong likelihood that something will get missed. Similarly we have attachments clogging up the network pipe and being copied and recopied.

We can see quite easily from this that a way to minimise this totally unworkable situation is just as relevant for small and medium sized organisations as larger ones.

Once we consider the need to collaborate on documents, projects, events, customer issues/opportunities it becomes almost mandatory to evaluate a fresh and innovative approach to improving productivity, access to a single source of information and time management.

Hence the introduction of social business as a new way to work and the implementation of a enterprise social network.

Projects have artefacts and to maintain consistency of copy a single version is required. Social business software networks provide the ability to not not only contain threaded conversations, but also controlled copies of all related documents, images and video’s, ensuring that all relevant content is up to date and accessible by all members of the project team, from any location at any time.

The introduction of Cloud computing has been expecially important for the SME sector as it allows global reach at a fraction of the cost traditionally applicable to establishing an infrastructure to support any time, any where access.

logo REA Group (better known as realestate.com.au) is a leading example of what can be done to improve the operational efficiency of a SME prepared to look within itself and ask the question of how it can achieve better business results by enhancing its ability to collaborate more effectively and reuse knowledge gained as a result of adopting social business as a new way to work. REA installed the Jive social business software Cloud platform to implement their enterprise social network.

“REA Group is a market leader. Our people, culture, brand and technology all have a role to play in what we offer our customers and consumers. With our growth and international expansion, collaboration and information accessibility are more important than ever, and Jive is essential to how we achieve this.

As a long-time Jive customer, we have always used the platform as a central location for our community to come together to build and share content . As we have grown, matured our operating model and expanded globally, we identified the need to look for a more scalable technology.

Complementing our corporate cloud strategy, Jive Cloud was the platform that made sense and would allow us to build and produce a scalable innovative product. Importantly, this would enhance the way we communicate with each other and allow us to self-manage content. We now live in a digital age, and with Jive Cloud REA Group staff can have a digital presence for the first time that personifies an essence of both their personal and professional attributes.

The new Jive Profile feature more efficiently highlights the strengths, skills, and attributes of all staff, allowing the community to collaborate and work together more seamlessly. Mobility is core to our culture, giving staff the option of accessing information on demand from anywhere. Jive Cloud gives us mobility like never before and with a few clicks we can create all types of content, @ mention staff, make information public or specific to certain groups and instantly connect with anyone from anywhere.

Jive Cloud enhances REA Group’s operations as a world-leading digital organisation and as we grow the platform will mature and scale with us. Our cloud strategy places us in a position to constantly consume new and cutting edge tools and apps that can integrate into Jive, providing staff the tools they need to get the best out of themselves” – Damian Fasciani, Technology Services Manager.

REA Group employs approximately 1200 people across its Australian and international operations and cites their social network for making it possible for teams across the globe to effectively collaborate.

Other SME’s who have implemented social networks with great effect include:

Global Carbon Capture & Storage Institute

Future Knowledge




Whilst social networks can get lost inside of very large organisations, there is nowhere to hide in an SME, where the CEO has much more visibility. The opportunity for success is potentially greater as it is necessary for the CEO to take a hands-on role, leading to faster and deeper adoption throughout the rest of the organisation.

If you feel that your company, government department or not for profit organisation needs to perform better, communicate more freely, track project conversations with clients, then social business may be the answer.

Let us know if we can help.

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