We custom design the look and feel of your community to align with your branding guidelines and integrate with your organisation’s marketing strategy.Whether it’s logo usage, colour scheme, or the overall theme of your community, we help you create an attractive, user-friendly design that visually engages your community.

Community Structure:

Team member involvement in your community is paramount to its success.We work with you to create a community that connects content to people and places and one that encourages participation, sharing and knowledge insights.

User Interface and Design:

As good as a community brand and structure may be, if the visual appeal of it is alienating team members, success will be hard to find.Our team will help you put the visual hooks into a design by creating custom elements and widgets that draw audiences to tune in to view and contribute content and to engage in conversations.


Social Business Software:

There are many software products and vendors. The list includes Jive, Yammer, Tibbr, MangoApps, SocialCast, SocialText and so on. When you are ready to get serious about your social business project and need some advice as to which social business software product is right for you, please speak with us first.


In today’s fast moving world of technology the desktop is no longer the only entry point for access to corporate systems, however it is still the main one for the majority of organisations. As a result we work with you to ensure you get exceptional value from the Enterprise social networking software of choice.


Being social is about being connected and using all digital avenues to bring community members closer together. We can help you design an enterprise social network that incorporates mobile use strategies across tablets and smartphones.



As social business practitioners we can help with -

  • Use case definition
  • Platform configuration
  • Theming
  • User training and onboarding
  • Active directory integration
  • Data migration
  • Content curation strategy
  • Engagement strategies
  • Custom development

Community Management:

A community is only as good as its members and it takes special effort to ensure employees and potentially customers are ready for participation in the new way of doing work.

  • Business readiness planning
  • Communications strategy
  • Content seeding
  • Moderation strategy


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Social Business Software

Social Business Software