Social Business can be defined as:

An organisation that has put in place strategies, technologies and processes to systematically engage all the individuals of its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, suppliers) to maximize the co-created value”.

Illustrated as -

socbiz definition-2

For the definition of social business to be effective it needs to utilise technology to implement the deliverables. Social business software fills this gap.

Knowing which social business software product will make your enterprise social network hum is no easy task. There are now dozens of vendors in this space, some pure play social business solutions and others provide social aspects to their existing suite. All are potentially valid for what you need to achieve.

For pure play products check out Jive, MangoApps, Tibbr, Yammer, SocialCast, Socialtext, Zynchro, Lithium, Telligent, Confluence, Bitrix 24, Mumba.

For social as an add-on to existing solutions check out Salesforce Chatter, SAP JAM, IBM Connections.

Open source solutions are also available, if you have the resources to manage them. eXo Platform and ELGG.

The range of functionality, deployment options and pricing effectiveness varies greatly across the various solutions. Most now offer a Cloud based service, which for most organisations solves the age old problem of building out the required infrastructure and then of course the ongoing maintenance of it.

Cloud based solutions can be instantiated in days and community design can commence almost immediately, saving considerable time and money over the traditional on-premise model.

SocialEffect can help you decide which of these platforms will give you the solution your organisation needs.

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