Social business is having a positive effect for those organisations progressive enough to evaluate the benefits. Having said that it is not without its pitfalls and dangers. All too often organisations attempt to implement social business software without giving due consideration to what impact it will have and why it will make a difference.

To truly understand how and why social business will make a difference to your organisation, a program of education, cultural change and business use case identification needs to be implemented.

SocialEffect provides these services, taking your senior executive team on a journey so that they are intimately involved in the process of engaging their teams in a new way to work.

Social business epitomises:

  • enhanced collaboration
  • expanded innovation opportunities through a concept called Ideation
  • increased knowledge through sharing and advanced search
  • faster access to answers via enterprise social networks and employee profiling
  • employee empowerment through greater understanding of organisational operations
  • streamlined and two way communication from the CEO
  • a new way to gauge employee contribution
  • closer ties with customers through collaborative projects

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