NOT for PROFIT – How are you reaching your community?

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Can the use of social media and the implementation of social networking within your community improve your ability to raise more funds for your community?

A clear message when embarking on a program involving the use of social media is.

To take core business objectives and look back from those to see how social media can help”.

Your Community


Like all not for profit organisations, today’s licensed social, sporting and cultural clubs face an ongoing battle in their attempt to provide their communities with entertainment, value, direction and participation, amidst ever rising costs and an increasingly more aware and astute community.

On the one hand the community embraces the funds raised and its contribution toward community use projects, yet on many occasions does not feel they are in a position to contribute effectively to (these money raising initiatives)decisions being made on their behalf.

A new and exciting management style is making its way into the corporate sector and is evolving as a methodology that utilises social technologies to break down old “Command and control” walls in order to gain a better understanding of what their employees, customers and other stakeholders want and need.

At the heart of this new method is a community and of course it is a community that keeps clubs alive. A community that is brought together to support a common set of goals, ie., raising funds that will enhance the enjoyment and lifestyle of community members. As an organisation with a specific charter the overall goal of raising more funds needs to be broken down into business objectives and then applied to the question “How can our embracing of social media assist us in achieving our business objectives”?

The Infographic above depicts a set of issues, together with some technology platforms that all clubs are beginning to be exposed to. As each club is thrust into a world where technology and cultural changes are happening, at what seems like breakneck speed, they need to adapt or die. Reaching out to your respective communities and involving them in your future is your future, like it or not.

In order to achieve this you need policies to allow you to embrace social networking technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, together with very clear measurement criteria, for example comparing a Facebook campaign to a previously used method, or a quantifiable rise in the funds raised for an annual event.

In addition some organisations may want to implement their own social business software platform and manage their community even more tightly. Some examples of this type of software include commercial offerings – Yammer (a Microsoft product), Jive, SocialText and some open source offerings – Drupal Commons, ConcourseConnect.

The good news today is that there will already be a wide spread of community members that have been exposed to social media, a major task is to identify them and engage them in helping to promote the benefits of it to other members.

CEO’s and Board members also need to make a mindset adjustment. Whilst they will continue to operate the business, their community members can provide a wealth of additional input that can contribute positively to how the organisation is able to increase its fundraising revenue and at the same time use those funds to deliver services that the community truly benefits from.

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