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Email clutter is reportedly taking up to 25% of an employee day to manage the constant wave of traffic and disconnected threads. Jive Software’s social business software platform encourages the minimization of email trails through the use of an advanced activity centric collaboration model.

Always informed.

Stay on top of all the information essential to your job. The projects you need to track. The content you need to see. The people you need to know. And don’t worry about information overload. Jive Edge intelligent filtering turns up the signal and silences the noise. So you can focus on the big stuff, without distractions.

Personalized streams. platform-personalized-streams

One size does not fit all. Jive gives you a variety of streams to track different kinds of information. A central activity stream displays updates across your entire team or company. A connections stream focuses on the people and information you’re following. Attention Streams let you build your own custom feeds, specifying the exact people, groups, places and projects you’re interested in. You can mix and match criteria and create as many Attention Streams as you want. Now that’s personalization.

Stream tuning. platform-personalized-streams

Tired of seeing comments on issues that don’t interest you? Just hide annoying content updates or noisy group activity with one click, right from your activity streams. If your priorities change and you want to see something again, simply unhide it to send it back to your activity stream.
Rich interactions. platform-interactions

Jive activity streams go way beyond mere status updates, supporting all kinds of content and interactivity. You can preview documents, view tables and charts, watch videos. You can like, @mention, share and comment on content. All without stepping out of the stream.
Simple and streamlined. platform-simple

Jive activity streams have a clean, elegant design that’s easy on the eyes, and really easy to use. You can instantly see what you need to see and do what you need to do.

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    Hi, thanks for your support. The design is based on a theme designer plugin to WordPress, supplied by Pagelines. I like the flexibility they have for designing a range of layouts.

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