So you want to make your business a Social Business?

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Maybe its because of the time of year but I found myself reflecting on this question and in looking at many projections and forecasts for 2013, at SocialEffect we can anticipate this question being asked around the boardrooms of corporations the world over.

The first sub question to arise will undoubtedly be “Why”? The answer has nothing to do with the type of organisation, eg you could be in retail, mining, social, community, finance, etc. It’s clearly more to do with the goals and aspirations of your fellow people. Whilst there are many many examples of increased profit or decreased cost, in my view the main benefit of going social is to create a better living experience for everyone in your community.

For example to establish a social presence you need to have clear objectives. If those objectives highlight ways to improve the personal experience of members of your community (and these people may be employees, customers, supporters, suppliers, shareholders, etc) then it should naturally occur that other non-personal benefits will accrue. We have all experienced the joy of giving (and what better time to reflect on that theme) and adopting a social business platform allows us to create an environment where the natural social tendencies of people can be channelled to produce better and more ideas, better and more streamlined conversations, better and more robust collaboration across groups that were formerly islands due to (a) geography, (b) organisation structure and (c) legacy technology.

Technology is now available to support social business initiatives from both commercial and open source products and includes functions that significantly improve the ability to link content to people and places, the key ingredients of a highly valued collaborative state.

So at the end of the day when you are considering how to implement a social business strategy think not what social can do for you but what you can do socially that will enhance the work life of others.

One Response to "So you want to make your business a Social Business?"
  1. seadmin says:

    In part you are right. My objective is to primarily discuss social business in the context of commercial operations and in social media is in my view a subset that forms part of the overall capability statement for social business. Social media provides some of the tolls we need to use in order to fully implement and benefit from a social business.

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