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I have been researching the Internet for examples of best practice and innovation for social business and have found a complete dearth of available information.

Along the way I found a  guy who I thought was thought provoking, genuinely honest and at the same time making comments that were both salient and relevant, in the context of achieving success with social media strategies. Olivier Blanchard describes the popular held thought of social media being a marketing lead exercise as being akin to a published blog bringing instant millions in sales. To quote Olivier. “Just as publishing marketing content on a blog doesn’t make marketing content any less manufactured and biased, publishing content on social media channels isn’t “social””. Olivier’s full article can be found here.

Best practice can be described as “A best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark”. Social media and its corporate identity, ie., Social Business, has been a growing business method, combined with a technology base for close on 10 years and in the last 3-5 years we have seen an explosion of software companies extolling the virtues of their respective software, together with case study material on hundreds, if not thousands of customers. So why can’t I find examples of best practice implementations?

I am so sure there are many examples of what community managers, social strategists and chief digital officers would regard as best practice and I would dearly love to spread the word, so I am making a bold request for any stories I can list that would serve as a repository of knowledge and experience for others to benefit from. The “others” may be people embarking on a new social business transformation, or those that have commenced but lost their way or those that simply want an opportunity to compare what they are doing with others, who have proved their formula achieves successful outcomes.

Whilst it is still a relatively immature methodology, actually it’s more of a presence than a methodology. Being social involves making significant organisational and cultural change and being prepared to be as transparent as possible, both within the organisation’s walls and outside of it, in full view of customers, so it’s not as simple as saying, “Hey let’s adopt social business like we might adopt PRINCE2 or PMBOK for project management”.

I really don’t want this initiative to be an exercise in academic prowess, rather a set of practical solutions that have yielded positive solutions and benefits for all community members that are served by the social business framework. It can big or small, from any industry or application. Social business is a big and at times complex topic so let’s help everyone coming to it after us, lighting a pathway that can assist a faster, more directional transformation than we found ourselves having to traverse.

Tell me about your social media/business success story and I’ll add it to my compilation of social media best practices. I’m aiming to have the list published by the 1st of January 2014 so get to it and register your magnificent result right here.

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