Employee incentives for Social Business participation

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The position of social business as a business driver is gaining momentum throughout the boardrooms of some of the largest organisations in the world, such as PWC, EMC and IBM. All of these companies now think and act like social businesses and their respective CEO’s drive the adoption and use of social business tools to [...]

Social Business culture, does your organisation have it?

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Having a culture that supports innovation, change and risk taking are the three most compelling attributes that will assist you in being able to adapt to a Social Business operational model. Part of the challenge though is to figure out what your organisation culture is and therefore what sort of effort may be required to [...]

NOT for PROFIT – How are you reaching your community?

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Can the use of social media and the implementation of social networking within your community improve your ability to raise more funds for your community? A clear message when embarking on a program involving the use of social media is. “To take core business objectives and look back from those to see how social media [...]

Social media policy – Do you need one?

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This question is arising more often and for  many organisations it is still a subject that  hasn’t gained enough weight to become a reality. In my estimation of current trends, this is a really bad management oversight. Ignoring some of the specific inclusions in an effective social media policy, let’s just look at some reasons [...]

Social Media – Is it part of or separate from your Social Business initiatives?

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I often get asked by organisations that are in the process of evaluating their position in relation to operational effectiveness and the relatively new management style called Social Business, “What is the difference between the two”? At this point in time, at least here in Australia, boardroom directors and C level executives are largely ignorant [...]

Kickstart your Social business project?

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The following social business presentations were originally published around mid 2012 but I find them just as relevant now so thought I would re-publish on my new SocialEffect blog. If you’re thinking about going social there is a mountain of information available to you and luckily for you we have done all the hard work [...]

Corporate Social Networking – Part of the social economy?

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Corporate Social Networking – What does it mean in the emerging social economy? Social networking is part of a broader evolutionary change that is sweeping across the corporate landscape, creating fundamentally new ways to work together. Social networking outside of the workplace has been growing at an astonishing rate for the last 5 years where [...]

So you want to make your business a Social Business – Part 3

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In part 2 of this series I discussed the need for executive level support for the introduction and ongoing management of a social business initiative. In this post we’ll take a look at what other personnel factors will sustain the initiative and where they may come from within the organisation. The majority of organisations today [...]