Communicating in a socially connected world

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  Communicating with someone prior to the digital revolution required a great deal more cryptic information about them than just their name. To find someone somewhere, either in your organisation or outside of it you needed to know (a) their phone number, (b) their email address or (c) their physical address. All of which are [...]

Social Business – Best Practice Challenge

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I have been researching the Internet for examples of best practice and innovation for social business and have found a complete dearth of available information. Along the way I found a  guy who I thought was thought provoking, genuinely honest and at the same time making comments that were both salient and relevant, in the [...]

How do you know if your CEO gets “Social”?

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How do you know if your CEO gets “Social” I attended a workshop last week for a customer. The main theme was the redesign of their website. The CEO attended, along with a few of his senior staff. Whilst the CEO pointed out that a newer, more modern finish was required, the overall objective was [...]

Your Community

Social Media – Centres your focus on people!

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  In addition to running a small business, consulting to large and small organisations I also play golf on weekends. I like to keep up with industry news and trends, particularly as golf is part of the “club” culture and for any club their lifeline is totally dependent on retaining and attracting new members. It [...]

Social Media Strategy – does your club have one?

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As a club or association that is member based and focussed you need to remain (a) relevant and (b) consistently and persistently in touch with your members. The digital world has changed the type and structure of engagement and heightened the need to utilise digital tools and social frameworks to reach out to members.   [...]

NOT for PROFIT – How are you reaching your community?

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Can the use of social media and the implementation of social networking within your community improve your ability to raise more funds for your community? A clear message when embarking on a program involving the use of social media is. “To take core business objectives and look back from those to see how social media [...]

Social media policy – Do you need one?

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This question is arising more often and for  many organisations it is still a subject that  hasn’t gained enough weight to become a reality. In my estimation of current trends, this is a really bad management oversight. Ignoring some of the specific inclusions in an effective social media policy, let’s just look at some reasons [...]

Social Media – Is it part of or separate from your Social Business initiatives?

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I often get asked by organisations that are in the process of evaluating their position in relation to operational effectiveness and the relatively new management style called Social Business, “What is the difference between the two”? At this point in time, at least here in Australia, boardroom directors and C level executives are largely ignorant [...]

Is Collaboration the New Competition?

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A blog article on this topic was recently created by Ben Hecht, President and CEO of Living Cities and subsequently critiqued by Dawn O’Neill AM and Kerry Graham. The contention being that collaboration, instead of slowing down the business of implementing social change, could actually speed it up. My respective take on this is from [...]