So you want to make your business a Social Business – Part 3

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In part 2 of this series I discussed the need for executive level support for the introduction and ongoing management of a social business initiative. In this post we’ll take a look at what other personnel factors will sustain the initiative and where they may come from within the organisation. The majority of organisations today [...]

So you want to make your business a Social Business?

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Maybe its because of the time of year but I found myself reflecting on this question and in looking at many projections and forecasts for 2013, at SocialEffect we can anticipate this question being asked around the boardrooms of corporations the world over. The first sub question to arise will undoubtedly be “Why”? The answer [...]

Socialisation in the Workplace

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My daughter asked me to walk her new puppy and unable to say no I regularly take him for a walk in the park. Being a puppy he is always ready and raring to go off-leash and socialise with other dogs, free of rules and fences. The effect of his playing with other dogs is [...]

Reduce email clutter

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Email clutter is reportedly taking up to 25% of an employee day to manage the constant wave of traffic and disconnected threads. Jive Software’s social business software platform encourages the minimization of email trails through the use of an advanced activity centric collaboration model. Always informed. Stay on top of all the information essential to [...]

Jive is Social

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Jive is known as the market leader in the social business arena and has stamped its authority on driving the concept of social within the corporate sector. ArcSight is a HP division and is an enthusiastic Jive customer. The following video gives some poignant insights into how Jive is transforming the way ArcSight does business. [...]


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A community can drive change and seriously affect your bottom line, in a very positive way. Corporations large and small are recognizing that there is a better and more cost-effective way to manage service delivery, product development, internal processes (to name a few), through the use of social business methods and tools. A significant component [...]


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Value is what we achieve as a result of implementing social business through connecting, collaborating and creating things that matter. I often get asked the question, “What is the measurement of value for our proposed investment in social business and social business software”? This is an interesting question and poses an opportunity to reflect on [...]


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In the context of this article I use the word create to mean the creation of value, represented as a quantifiable outcome of the ability to effectively connect and collaborate to bring about positive change. There must be a business imperative to adopting a new way of working and that is the value that the [...]


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Within a computing context there have been many platforms since the early nineties that have contributed to the notion of supporting the definition of collaboration, but until the advent of social business software they were quite rigid and exclusive rather than inclusive. Lotus Notes, well known as a collaborative environment was particularly good at exclusivity, [...]